Graphene and Applications

Researchers and companies consider the graphene, carbon sheets that are only one atom thick viable to be used as material in several fields. Potential applications include Fuel cells, Optoelectronics, Bio-micro robotics, Lower cost solar cells, Transistors, water desalination, sensors etc

  • Synthesis of graphene and new 2D materials
  • Graphene- and 2D materials- based nanocomposites
  • Graphene modification and functionalization
  • Graphene and Graphene oxides
  • Characterisation and modelling of Graphene materials in Composites
  • Controlled functionalisation of graphene oxide through surface modification
  • Chemical functionalisation of Graphene
  • Surface chemistry on graphene and 2D materials
  • Spectroscopy, metrology & microscopy of graphene and 2D materials
  • Biological interactions of Graphene-family Nanomaterials
  • Graphene-assisted laser desorption/ionization for mass spectrometry
  • Synthesis of Patterned Graphene films
  • Biological and toxicity aspects of graphene ,graphene oxide
  • Graphene and 2D material sensors
  • Graphene supercapacitors & graphene polymer batteries
  • Graphene for plasmonics and optics
  • Graphene based nanoelectronic devices
  • Electronic, optoelectronic properties of 2D materials
  • Graphene based nanofluids and nano lubricants

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