Nano photonics, Nano Imaging, Spectroscopy & Plasmonic devices

Nanophotonics is an enabling technology which concerns with  application of photonics at nanoscale dimensions, where field enhancement effects which  result in new optical phenomena offering superior performance or completely new functionalities in photonic devices and  encompasses a wide variety of topics, including metamaterials, plasmonics, high resolution imaging, quantum nanophotonics, functional photonic materials.This technology  potential to impact across a wide range of photonics products such as  high efficiency solar cells to ultra-secure communications to personalized health monitoring devices

  • highly efficient photovoltaic (PV) devices
  • Photoemission Electron Microscopy
  • Single molecule fluoresence spectroscopy
  • Stimulated emission depletion (STED) microscopy
  • structured illumination microscopy (SIM)
  • photoactivated localization microscopy (PALM)
  • Ground state depletion-individual molecule return (GSDIM) microscopy
  • Stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy (STORM)
  • Direct stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy (dSTORM)
  • Near-field scanning optical microscopy (NSOM/SNOM)
  • Saturated excitation (SAX) microscopy
  • Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS)
  • Surface-enhanced infrared absorption spectroscopy (SEIRAS)
  • Shell-isolated nanoparticle-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SHINERS)
  • Stimulated Raman spectroscopy (SRS)
  • Tip-enhanced Raman scattering (TERS) microscopy
  • Tip-enhanced photoluminescence (TE-PL) microscopy
  • Tip-enhanced coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (TE-CARS) microscopy
  • Reversible saturable optical fluorescence transitions (RESOLFT) microscopy
  • Infrared Vibrational Nanospectroscopy
  • photonic integrated circuit
  • Advanced Optical lithography & Microscopy
  • Tetratronics
  • Nanophotonics for Energy Conversion
  • Spectroscopic techniques with (ultra-)high spatial, temporal, and spectral resolution and sensitivity
  • modelling of light-matter-interaction and energy flow at the nanoscale
  • Enabling solar cells with higher efficiencies
  • CMOS Single Photon Avalanche Diode arrays & applications
  • polymer organic light-emitting diodes (P-OLEDs)
  • Efficient nonlinear nanoscale plasmonic sources
  • Nonlinear plasmonic metamaterials
  • Nonlinear approaches to bioimaging
  • Nonlinear plasmonics for sensing
  • Spectroscopic photoemission and low energy electron microscope (SPELEEM)
  • Energy-efficient lighting
  • Visible light data communications
  • X-ray spectroscopy

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