Nanotechnology & Energy

Research into hydride materials for vitality applications commonly concentrates on upgrading gravimetric capacity thickness and particle transport of the materials. Then again, the necessities for stationary applications, for example, power devices can be essentially diverse and manageable to a more extensive class of potential materials. Various geophysical and social weights are driving a movement from fossil fills to renewable and practical vitality sources. To impact this change, we should make the materials that will bolster new vitality advances. Sun oriented vitality is the most extreme need to create photovoltaic cells that are productive and financially savvy

  • Nanoparticles
  • Nano catalyst for efficient hydrogen generation
  • Use of Nano composites in superconducting components
  • Soft Nano-magnetic materials for efficient electricity transmission
  • Nano fillers in electrical isolation systems
  • Nanotechnology for loss-less power transmission
  • Carbon nanotubes and applications in energy transmission
  • Nano-optimized components for wireless power transmission
  • Nano sensors for intelligent & flexible grid management
  • Nano optimized heat exchangers
  • Nanostructured electrodes and applications
  • Nano porous materials and applications in micro fuel cells
  • Nano-porous materials and applications in reversible heat storage
  • Nano-catalysts for efficient fuel production
  • Nano composites for reduction of Hydro carbon emissions
  • Nano-porous foams & gels for thermal insulation
  • Nanotechnology innovations for energy intensive industrial process
  • Nanotechnology for energy efficient lighting systems
  • Antireflective coatings for photovoltaic cells
  • Nano composites and uses in renewable energy sources
  • Nano composites and uses in renewable energy sources
  • Nano-based precision farming & Biomass energy
  • Nano particles for improved efficiency of fossil fuels
  • Nano composites applications in radiation shielding & protection
  • Nanostructured compounds for thermoelectric power generation
  • Nano optimized membranes & energy efficient fuel cells
  • Nano optimized membranes & applications in automobiles, mobile electronics

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