Micro/ Nano-fabrication, Nano patterning, Nano Lithography & Nano Imprinting

Nano-fabrication is the configuration and production of gadgets with measurements measured in nanometers. One nanometer is 10 - 9 meters, or a million of a millimeter. Nanofabrication is of enthusiasm to PC engineers since it opens the way to super-high-thickness microchip s and memory chip s. It has been recommended that every information bit could be put away in a solitary iota. Conveying this further, a solitary molecule may even have the capacity to speak to a byte or expression of information. Nanofabrication has additionally gotten the consideration of the restorative business, the military, and the avionic business

  • Top-down & Bottom-up nanofabrication
  • Film deposition, Etching & Bonding
  • Atomic Force Microscopy(AFM) & functional AFM probes
  • AFM characterization of nanometer scale devices
  • Electrically induced nanopatterning & Rapid prototyping
  • Molecular self assembly
  • Nanoimprint lithography
  • Electron beam lithography
  • Focused ion beam lithography
  • Colloid monolayer lithography
  • Multiphoton lithography
  • Scanning probe lithography
  • Photolithography & Soft lithography
  • X-ray lithography & Ion projection lithography
  • Laser printing of single nanoparticles
  • Magnetolithography & Nanosphere lithography
  • Proton beam writing & Charged-particle lithography
  • Neutral particle lithography
  • Thin film Technologies

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